venerdì 15 luglio 2011


So yeahh, my little vacay with friends has already ended, i'm back in this hot and crowded town and i'll be there suffocating in the heat until august 2nd, when i'm going to leave for my blue sky colored homeland Greece. Yesterday to celebrate my comeback i've spent the night with a special person, drunk beer and watched the final Harry Potter. I still can't realize there's gonna be no Harry Potter flick in the future. I've been growing up with the books and movies, and i've spent all my childhood waiting for my admission letter to Hogwarts. I'm still waiting. I guess i'll read again all the books to vent all the melancholy out.
My favorite character has always been Ron Weasley, mostly cause i'd love to have his ginger hair.
Now i'm gonna get my self ready for another day of catching the lower sales in town and then eat at greek restaurant. Kisses.

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