domenica 24 luglio 2011


Hey people, i've been hanging out a lot lately, i really don't want to stay home! I've been shopping around, ate at chinese restaurant, watched a lot of movies at the cinema. Probably next week, just before the wedding i told you in the previous days, i will go with a special person to a beach house near Rome, with other friends too, for a few days. Might be a nice and lovely vacay! Anyways I'm here to show you what i've shopped these days + the pants for the wedding i brought to the taylor shop which are finally ready!

First image: the pants! so classy but at the same time a really waste of money since they're so simple. Well whatevs i haven't pay for them + i can wear em during the fall: 80€

Second image: red and white striped shirt by Pull & Bear: 9€ (i'm beginning to hate that store)

Third image: vintage shirt from an unknown brand i found in a really cool vintage outlet called Barbaro in Naples. I liked the colors but it really smells of elderly. 10€, whatevs!

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